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Oooooohhh sh*t!
Thanks to Zubi Advertising, there are now 267 Latino emojis inspired by the food, cuture, and people of the Latin markets. Zubi Advertising is a Hispanic-based advertising service, with headquarters in Miami, Florida.
The cultures included in the emoji collection are Argentina, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela. The app is free, so no need to fork over any dinero.
"We knew the Latino Emojis would be a hit because Latinos are arguably the most expressive individuals in the world—we wear our hearts, passion and excitement on our faces and in our cultural choices and preferences," said Michelle Zubizarreta, chief administrative officer at Zubi, an independent Miami-based agency with about 124 staffers of many nationalities.

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freakin cool!!
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Omg. Lmao. @alywoah, you know I lost it when I saw that Vicks!!!! <3 <3 <3
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I appreciate all the Mexican beer emojis.
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