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Hollywood actor Robert Downey Jr. to visit Korea as promotions for his latest film. On March 25th, The Walt Disney Studios Korea revealed that the super star will visit the country next month. The actor will arrive to Korea on April 3rd, and will hold a press conference on April 4th. Korea was chosen as the first country the actor will visit as part of his international promotions, Sony Pictures commented, “The previous movies were well received in the country, as well as the “Avengers” which brought over 7 million audiences when it was release. We want to show our gratitude to the Korean fans.” The first two movies, “Iron Man” recorded 4.32 million in Korea when in premiered back in 2008. The sequel “Iron Man 2” drew 4.5 million in 2010. “Iron 3” will also be premiered on an earlier date, than the US release date. The movie will be released on April 25th, which is 8 days before the May 3rd date in the US. “Iron Man 3” will be about Tony Stark embarking on a mission to find the ones who were responsible for destroying his private world. While on the quest, he will come across a powerful enemy, the mandarin.