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*Requested By @SugaOnTop*

Suga and you go out for coffee with TOP and Suga gets jealous because he knows how much you adore TOP.

You smile to yourself as you gaze at Suga's sleeping face. "So cute..." You say to yourself. You almost don't want to wake him up. But Suga had a surprise for you and you didn't want to be late. "I wonder what it is..." ,you ask yourself as you proceed to wake Suga up. You climb on top of him and sit on his lap. You lean down and rub your nose against his. He stirs and open his eyes reluctantly. "Yah.." ,he said tiredly. "Don't start something so early in the morning dongsaeng.." he says as he kisses your nose. You smile as he wraps his arms around you and hugs you tightly. You fight the urge to just stay like that knowing he wouldn't protest to staying in bed all day. "Yooonnngi....", you struggle to get out of his bear hug. "What about my surprise?" Yoongi makes a face as he remembers his words. "Aiiisshh...that's right. I guess I have no choice then." He then picks you up and gets up from the bed. You giggle at him. "Hey!! Put me down oppa!!" Suga gives you a smile. "Let's go take a shower so we can go huh?" You nod in agreement as he carries you to the bathroom.

Hope you liked it!! Let me know if you want to be tagged in Part 2.

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@SugaOnTop @LilySilver @thePinkPrincess If he's hot, hes an oppa XD dems the rules
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Can you tag me in part 2?? Plz 💕💕
tag me in part 2 please
@SugaOnTop really!? I'm his noona too born in October as well! please tag me in part 2 @thePinkPrincess :)
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