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you can only choose one
Sceaming Mia
Ditzy Papi
Centuaria the knight
unpredictable Suu
Playful Arachne
Love tragic Mero
The agent of death Lala
just for fun
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and nobody wants Centoria, not surprising
@Stevenb1990....she's just to much like beastiality for my taste which is a shame cause her personality is amazing...but her bottom half is just to much eeeew.
馃槍but since nobody claims Arachne, I have no choice but to take it on馃槩
Honestly, i would take her over centoria any day. I find it far less weird with her because spiders are so small that I, maybe not everyone else, but I dont see it as much as beastiality as centoria is, you know? lol but yea shes cool to
Papi is the best