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What's your choice? FMA was made before the original manga by hiromu arakawa was finished with the series. While brotherhood is the storyline that follows the full manga of FMA. My personal is brotherhood but they both have some amazing twists. Top rated anime according to my anime list!! I love them both but brotherhood has my heart. Also brotherhood has an official ending that makes for a loving semi long anime filled with insane brother bonding and side story love scenes that are under the table. ED WINRY FOREVER!! Anime is life!!
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@randysqwishy23 I see, yeah then that is completely true. I was just Thinking in a sense Of they stole it. Hiromu arakawa approved of it and oversaw some of it but stuck to her story for the main plot of FMA. Yeah I completely agree NAKAMA. It's almost like an OVA series haha. The first FMA series that is
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ehhh that's a tough decision....
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@LuffyNewman lol yeah it is. xD sorry for the bad description thiugh xD ive been tored lately since ive been at my gf's house. visiting and her family is around and i get really nervous around family members... so i get crappier sleeping then my normal insomnia allows... i never got the notification for this sorry for the lag.
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I guess Brotherhood though....I was so happy when Greed came back XD
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@KitsuneKawaii pretty sure we all were xD
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