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And by take it I mean literally take it. Because now, after years of witnessing the completely biased, corrupt, and all together confusing justice system we the people are FINALLY getting a word in.
A new forensic study called The Depravity Standard has just been introduced and this 25 question survey is designed to get the peoples opinion of what exactly constitutes a “depraved,” “heinous,” or “horrible” crime.
Because lets be real for a second, court room lawyers love to through around the idea of a heinous crime, and yet, the idea of evil and wickedness is very much a matter of opinion. And personally, I really don't want "a matter of opinion" deciding weather or not a person should rot in jail for the rest of their life.
The survey is 25 questions and it takes around 20 minutes to complete. Trust me I just finished taking the survey (it took me 25 minutes, I am very indecisive.) Each question involves a scenario of a crime. These can range from a perpetrator enlisting the help of a weaker party to commit the crime, or the feelings of satisfaction and even glee a Perp might feel after committing a crime.
It is our job to rate the level of depravity, or evilness each scenario could emanate.
While a 1-100 rating gap may be a bit much to take in at one time, the fact that we are FINALLY getting a say in how our judicial system works is amazing and defiantly not something we can pass up, (btw if you do pass this up, you lose the right to ever complain about the justice system).
Take the survey here, you will not be disappointed!
With this survey our voice actually matters on every single question.
With this survey we have the chance to define exactly what a depraved crime actually is, creating a justice system that could actually work. One where the time actually fits the crime.

With this survey, we can change the world.

Wow, this is very interesting, Liz. I'm looking forward to taking the survey and see what it entails. Thank you for linking this for us. :D
I'm totally going to do this too Liz! thank you for doing it (haha I'm wondering if it'll take me a while too... I'm also indecisive)