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Ronin Warriors
Throw back one of the very first amines I ever watched and loved it sadly I can't find it any where and it was never finished any one else enjoy there very first anime if you can remember what it was
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I thought it was completed. It only had 39 episodes that I know of. o.O @sumthinscary
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I had read some where that it never was and its been so long I could be mistaken I watched this back when I was around seven
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I would check it out again because I just looked it up and they still have the 39 episodes, as well as the DVDs: Three direct-to-video sequels were produced: Gaiden (Side Story), Kikoutei Densetsu (The Legend of the Solar Armor) and Message. There is also the manga. x_x
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Will do
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it was completed I have the only season they made
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