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It's day 19 of the Fairy Tail Challenge! Today's prompt is Character you wish wasn't dead!
Here's the challenge card for anyone who wants to participate! Remember to tag me in your cards cuz I want to see them!
So my choice... No one! I don't have a problem with any character death I think they were all used appropriately. While, if I HAD to choose someone I would choose Ur cuz I would love to see some more screen time for her. But honestly, I'm hoping for a major character death in the series shortly. It would really enhance the series.
Thanks for reading my card and remember to tell me which character you wish wasn't dead in the comments below! Have a great day! Ja ne
Ur for sure. I still.get choked up when I watch any of her scenes because we know what happens.
@TreverMoon also this thread was a spoiler about igneel. did you not read what the person who posted it said?!
@TreverMoon that's why you don't read the comments that people post saying spoilers if you arent caught up! and this current arc is the most depressing do far... and the current episode shows Mavis in a crystal. in the next arc you'll find out about the crystal. also igneel isn't the biggest spoiler before the next arc. unless the people making the anime decide to leave out the biggest shocker ever made in Fairy Tail history! which wouldn't surprise me.... cause then they could advertise a huge thing that tiny subtle hints have been dropped at here and there in the series. just to make their ratings go up cause everyone will try figuring it out or start throwing it theories.
there are lots of spoilers on this. in about to give another. *SPOILERS* mavis isnt dead. she is basically stuck between living and dying. she is under the same curse as zeref. it keeps you alive while killing things you love. zeref fell in love with mavis which cause her to slightly die, but she is also still alive. *MORE SPOILERS* @DaiGakuSei acnologia didnt actually kill igneel. igneel only had enough life force to come out of natsu and then fight with acnologia. it also is why the rest of the dragons died after that fight.
WARNING, there are slight spoilers below. The character I wish wasn't dead is Lahar, he was one of my favorite characters and I don't really see a point in killing him off. He died practically the episode after I picked him as my favorite. Go figure, oh well, I'm used to it by now.... Happens with pretty much everything.
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