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@VinMcCarthy So, what anime would I watch for the rest of my life it it was the one and only one I could watch? That's an easy answer for me. Naruto.
Naruto is one of the most relatable anime in history. Not that others aren't, but what I mean is that there is a piece of something for everyone. There's comedy, there's love, there's adventure, amazing battles, and back stories that will even make you tear up with the memories you'll never forget. With the anime having so many episodes, the journey never seems to end and once you're done, then restart it. It will feel like a whole new experience all over again.
Naruto also includes the darker side to our selves. It exposes every kind of monster within us and reveals the everlasting will to overcome it.
Naruto showed me how to live and how to stand up for others. It made my childhood and taught me things no one else could influence on me. I'd happily watch this anime and this anime alone over and over again for the rest of my life.