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9. Blade Man oooooooh mai gawd...I absolutely love this drama....like...I feel thats flawless....its just....amazing...like thats all I can say about it...it nakes you cry...it makes u laugh...it wanna hug ur laptop/computer/tablet and say "괜찮아...." I'm still going through the episodes but im like glued to it I dont even want to watch another drama XD
10. Wild chives and soybean soup Its a great series I thought it was a well put story, a definite recommendation
1. 200pound beauty Greaaaaat movie, absolutely loved it!! kinda wish I could do it.......oh well...still a must see
2. Spellbound I LOOOOOOOOVE Lee Min Ki...so this movie for me was a must see XD (same thing with shut up flower boy band...but I ended up hating it but loving it cuz...oh well...watch it urself and if u have you know what im talking about TT.TT) I recommend this movie a million times! XD
There may be more of these...not sure yet...but if I should keep making them let me know :D and I would love to hear your thoughts about these awesome series and movies :D
If you watch 200 pound beauty get ready to go on a one way trip to feels town. 😭😭💖💖
blade man is good
a gentlemans dignity was the best drama in my list i recommend