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Youngjae Or Yugyeom Got7 (THIS OR THAT)
So @ndngurl123 and @Vixxstarlight got into a debate on who was better..Youngjae or Yugyeom!! This gave me an idea to make a card to see what everbody else thought about this. I wont be participating due to the fact because I can't make a choice which is why I need you to vote. I will post the results of the vote later this week!!!

Youngjae: The Main Vocalist

Birth Name: Choi Young Jae
Stage Name: Youngjae
Birthday: September 17, 1996
Age: 19
Favorite Food: Everything except cucumbers
Ideal Type: Someone He Is Attracted To

More Youngjae

Yugyeom: Vocalist and Maknae:

Birth Name: Kim Yu Gyeom
Stage Name: Yugyeom
Birthday: November 17, 1997
Position: Vocalist, Maknae
Favorite Food: Samgyupsal, Bulgogi, Chicken, Kimbab
Ideal Type: A girl with a wacky charm

More Yugyeom

Well you saw the evidence and so now its all up to you. Make the vote..Youngjae or Yugyeom!! It may hurt but i know you can do it!!
Can yall help me by tagging a few people who would find this interesting because i have no idea lol and you guys vote too!!!!
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@Beccachu You said Yugyeom right??...I really like that you answered in Korean
2 years ago·Reply
@JohnEvans Yes i did. im attempting to learn Korean so any chance i can apply what i know, i try to :)
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Yugyeom wins here omg
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