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I love my sports animes!! CX If you like Kuroko no Basuke I also recommend this anime! Hinata dreams to be as great as the Little Giant, aspires to be the best and always feels like he is on the top of the world in the air in front of the net! Time almost seems to stop just before he spikes the ball.
How's everyone liking the second season?? c: The feels.
The Fallen Ravens are back! And ready to claim back their throne in the spotlight!!! X)
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I actually literally just started this show. Pretty good so far
I love Haikyuu far more than I should/thought I would
@MajahnNelson @AdamDean ahhhh man I love this show!!! spring tournament is going sooo awesome! I sonrr want this second season to end haha
I know right. I was watching it and I had no idea that the second season was still going so when I caught up with it I was like "really? Is that where it ends?" lol. But yeah I love this show. It just makes me want to fly lol.