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Hey guys sup this is kalyan i wanted to know that if you watch one piece. Well i watch it and it is one of my favourite anime. which one character do you like is it luffy, ace and sabo or anyone else it dosent have to be the characters from the picture it can be anyone from one piece anime only let me know in the comments section below until then next time!
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Zoro hands down. he's loyal to a fault to the crew and Luffy especially. he would lay down his own pride to follow his captain (asking hawkeye for example). If not Zoro then Luffy cuz NIIIKUUUUUU!
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Luffy. And then Law. And maybe chopper and Zoro and Franky and Doflamingo .... I guess I like everyone.
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Zoro Sanji Bon clay chopper Nami luffy brook
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mihawk is a boss ohhhhh shanks is awesome bon clay was a good character
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