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Exo is the very first kpop group I ever heard and Exodus was the first song. I instantly fell in love (and into a pit of craziness that a kpop fan lives in).
My Ultimate Bias is Kai. He was the first one I was able to identify out of 12 guys and he took my breath away.
But here are some reasons why he is my ultimate bias:

His Dedication

Okay so if you're an Exo-L, you know Kai didn't have any singing future in the beginning of his career.
With his hard work and dedication, he learned how to sing and his voice is the sexiest thing ever.

His Dancing

In Exo, he was and is known as the main dancer right next to Lay. Kai's style is more fluid though instead of hard like Lay's style.
This fluidity in his moves is due to his jazz and ballet background.
How ballet and jazz managed to birth a man who kills women's ovaries with the most powerful hip thrusts is something I will never understand...or question. I'd rather just accept it.

His Face

If we're giving reasons to love him, you can't exclude the thing that causes you to stop blinking for 3 minutes because you don't want to miss a single blink.
With his modeling, it just gives you extra ways to stare at his face.
His parents did a very good job on him.
(He did have a little plastic surgery, but he was good before too. It was just a surgery that had to do with his eyelids, I believe.)

His Voice

Kai is also known as the rapper right next to Lay, Chanyeol, and Sehun.
His voice melts panties faster than a 3000 degree fire.
I mean, have you heard him in Playboy!?!

His Personality

While Kai is a sex machine killing women with his powerful eyes and hips, Kim Jong In is a bit opposite.
Jong In is a complete goofball! He's silly and a little to himself sometimes, but overall a cute and humble being.
Here you go!
Who is your ultimate bias?
sane reasons why I also love kai 😍🙌 hello fellow kai biased people🙋
I can't decide an EXO bias.....just when I think.i have one...wham!
Those are the same reasons why I like him too!!!! But him and baekhyun are my ultimate bias bc it's hard to choose for me
OMG how you feel about him is exactly how I feel about him. He's also my Exo ultimate bias
same* oops haha