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Well I've been thinking about this all day. If I were only able to watch one anime for the rest of my life, it's down to Yu Yu Hakusho or Dragonball Z... The first two anime I've ever seen and quite possibly the best. @VinMcCarthy
Yu Yu Hakusho being the first anime that I've ever watched and introduced me into the anime world, so it holds a special place at the top for me. Such a great show, with 112 episodes there is a lot to watch over and over. Not to mention the awesome characters involved in the story, like Hiei for example. So I really want to say Yu Yu Hakusho hands down... Buuuuttttt...
At the same time the second anime I ever watched, Dragonball Z! Such a badass series over all and played a huge part in my childhood. With I belive 291 episodes it gives a bit more in the way of hours to watch, and I could rewatch this just as much as Yu Yu Hakusho. So after thinking about this all day, I finally came to a decision...

DRAGONBALL Z for the win!!!

After all, more episodes to watch and lets face it... Vegeta is the biggest badass of them all!!! ^_^
I mean come on... who doesn't love Vegeta?
if you were going to bet a critic then DBZ had its issues just like sword art online. but why does it get so much praise? because we are here for the experience of how it makes us feel. DBZ is more relatable since most of us watched it at some point we were about the same age as gohan. I was gohans age when he fought cell. just my 2 cents about it.
@MikeCopersito DBZ was also many peoples gateway anime and set a lot of trends that are still followed in great animes today.
I'd say I'd have to go with YYH actually! I think the character development and the diversity is much better and I could get hooked on it again. DBZ I have a lot of "didn't I just watch this episode? " moments.
Vegeta for president!
DBZ/Dragon Ball Z but Goku can defeat them himself