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im drawing some character for a horror manga im making and this is the guy that is going to do the killing i got inspired by hisoka from hunter x hunter. so what do you think and be honest it still need some detail work tho
thx i did my own version of that pic but i thought it was shitty so i choose to use that pic for the card @Danse
I'm not hating, I'm merely stating you posted a picture and didn't state that is 'wasn't' yours. I was just clearing things up. I'm a firm believer in giving credit. That's all. If it's inspiration for something then isn't that great? Good for you.
@Danse and besided fan fiction is ripping off others work and taking cred for it just cos i use some ones tat pic for my manga dose not make me a bad person cos every one rips off something to make something new ok so dont hate
did not mean to put inspiration
uhhh yha i know bro inspiration i did not take it i redrue it ok im not a dick like that i just used that pic cos it was bedder than mine i dont take other peoples shit @Danse
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