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Can we create an OTAKU page/interest??
So many of us are in this life style. My mom just talked to me about rehab for people "too into anime and manga" pshh haha. Anime is life!! So is the rest that follows. To my anime vingle NAKAMA! Let's get this started!!!
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@AdamDean should have been, I'm in.
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馃幃I'm Rockron, 鉁攁nd I APPROVE this message. 馃憤 馃憭@LuffyNewman BTW, Zoro's my favorite. 馃敧馃専馃敧馃専馃敧
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Haha@Rockron97 zoro is the best first mate and swordsman!!
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Me will join and bring cookies 馃崻馃崻馃崻鈮夆墻
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@SakuraSenpai132 NAKAMA your on the top Of the list now!!!!! 馃槂
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