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Hey guys!!🤓 So I'm starting a new thing!, it's anime character comparisons.☺️
So today two of my fav characters Ryuko Matoi and Eren Yeager!!🙂 if you do not know what shows they are from I'll tell you Ryuko is from Kill la kill and Eren from Attack on Titan!!!
First of all these two are practically the same. They both saw their parents die vowed to avenge their deaths. Strong ass siblings and that one weak friend that always encourages them.
So they both have something that they can transform with right? Well yes they do!!☺️ Ryuko has Senketsu and Eren can transform into a Titan both are things that involve hurting them self in the process even if they don't really feel anything. Eren bites his thumb and Ryuko has a glove that has a blade you pull out.
Next, they are both fighters but they aren't the best. They got guts and that's what makes them brave. That is why no matter how hurt they are wether heart broken or physically they always get back up and finish the fight.
Though they aren't the strongest people they still vowed to do something very important. And that is to avenge their parents death. For Ryuko she saw her father die a slow death as for Eren his mothers death was quick and harsh. They also both regret something.
Eren regrets always fighting with his mother. And Ryuko regrets not knowing her father very well.
Not only that but both have great friends strong sisters both their per ants have similar jobs, and are humanities last hope.
Both are told by good friends that they are humanities last hope. And they are. They both say that they are not at first but then they believe in them self and realize that they are humanities last hope.
They may not be built to fight but they have guts, and that's what makes them have hope. After watching their father and mother die after being told that they're humanities last hope, and almost die before they avenge their parents death, and see their world regain what they lost they are both worthy to be called heroes by their friends.
Alright so there you have it this weeks anime character comparison. Any way have a hat-tastic day!! Bye bye🤗🤓and stay cool😎
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Interesting... Haven't watched kill la kill