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Hi everyone! This is one of my favorite ships. It's a pretty obvious one if you have seen the show. but out of all the couples in it, these two are my favorite. @hikaymm
Onodera and Takano had dated in high school but due to some misunderstandings their relationship came to a quick and somewhat tragic halt. That is until several years later when they are unknowingly reunited as boss and subordinate.
Ritsu Onodera spent years trying to get over the traumatizing heartbreak of his past love and was determined he was never going to fall in love again. However that was changed when his new boss turned out to be his past love. He quickly realized he was still in love with him, but after spending many years trying to get over it, he did not want to go back to him.
Masume Takano spent a good bit of his college years depressed over how Onodera left him unexpectedly. Although he managed to move on he never forgot him. When Onodera walked back into his life several years later he was determined not to let him slip away again.
I like how Onodera is direct in everything. He's a terrible liar and wears his heart on his sleeve. Although he is in denial at first, he soon becomes more open to the idea of a relationship with Takano.
Takano is very open in how he feels and doesn't hold back his thoughts. He is strict when it comes to his job, but he cares about his subordinates. When it's comes to Onodera he is afraid of losing him and just wants him to love him back.
Takano and Onodera have a love hate kinda relationship going on. While Takano enjoys making fun of Onodera at work for all his newbie mustakes; he also wants to help him improve. While in private all he wants is be lovey-dovey with him.
While Takano and Onodera have had their ups and downs. They managed to come back to eachother. Both of them realize they love eachother, and despite the hurt they caused eachother because of their misunderstandings, they are good together.
I love Takano! And Ritsu too! He's too adorable and emotional. I like how he tries to avoid Takano but his hearts like nope. And Takano is so freaking hot. He's my favorite out of all the couples from Junjou and Sekaiichi. @paige102001 it's Sekai ichi Hatsukoi.
I'm not a fan of the art style either. but I love the story line. I guess it just depends on the person. I preferred the manga to the anime, but that's usually how it is. and yes I do agree kisa and yukine made a very cute couple. and as for the over feminized ukes, well I've seen worse, this is nothing. and believe me I can't stand it when they go overboard with feminization.
*onodera not onada srry
I watched half of this anime it wasn't bad but the art style is ugly, I didn't like this couple (well I liked onada but not takano) , and I don't like the overly feminized ukes. other wise I liked the plot and I liked one of the couples (the one with the bookstore dude), the third couple was a alright but I shipped him with his other friend .
thanks 2 u @KaitlynMesser
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