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I'll do the first 5 suggested to me. tag 20 people? I don't know 20 people on here.. so the first 10 people I see! haha. problem solving. @okawaiipika @HunterAddicks @JennyPahua @hiinata2dope @KaitlynMesser @gabbycalzada @nberry1620 @xXYahiroXx @swagles13 @TiffanyWallace
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my ideal type. 1) He must be loyal 2) He must be tall 3) He must be kind to animals 4) He would fall in the Tsundere category 5) He has to want adventure!
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Good choices.
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I'm gonna go with C
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Oh goodness... 1) I rarely see his smile but it's so sweet when I do 2) He has very bright eyes 3) He is confident and insecure at the same time 4) He is always making me laugh 5) He gets frustrated easy 6) It is difficult for him to express himself 7) He never backs down from a challenge 8) He is independent 9) He loves dogs 10) He loves anime!
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