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cr: to owner.. beautiful eyes.. his always checking. .
haha that's what always looks like checking up on them .. cuz they're
and I really love his voice..I like to listen to him singing. .
JB doing his stuff on the floor. .lol.. those abs tho..
Sexy JB...♡♡♡
Hahaha dorky JB. . I couldn't resist pull this one @stacyneroland .. for
Oh god I just reliazed that JB is soo awsome!
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@luna1171 OH MY GOD I JUST DIED AHAKAKAKAKJSJZTSTTSKLSL 😢😢😢😢 THANK YOU soo much lol you should of seen my face when scroll down I was like oooh n aaah wait that looks just like my Name aaah 😮
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@stacyneroland ..glad that you like it lol..
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