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let's be friends!
Hey, so I got a new phone and I downloaded kakaotalk, any one who wants to chat here is my I.D. Myhwolf15 So topic moved to kpop related things. I heard about the Mexican girl who tired to kiss a singer at fan meeting. Dude that girl does not know respect, not all Mexicans are like that. shoot. Also I love watching runningman and I wish I could be a guest on there soooo bad!!!! OMG, I'm study Korea and I'm so happy and I'm just... just ....eeeeeh! happy, excited, all. I'mma be going to korean next your some time in spring!!!!!!
hehehe. yeaaaa. OMG tvxq changmin and big bang T.O.P are going to the military soon, I'm so sad! so much emotions right now. sigh. so tired and having trouble focusing so I'm stopping here ~L. out love yall peace! adios
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