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Heya, Mina-san!!! So today is the 5th day of Nani November (see @VinMcCarthy, who is running this show!), and the question posed was 'If you could only watch one anime for the rest of your life, what would it be?'. Well, for me that's a no brainer: FAIRY TAIL!!!!!!
Fairy tail was the first anime that really, really struck a chord with me. From the very first episode, it surprised me, made me laugh outrageously, and had me itching to be part of the guild. Within the first 5 minutes, it easily made it to the top of my list: example: I thought Lucy was gonna be a stereotypical, falls-for-men-all-the-time, fanservice-character, but as soon as Natsu broke the love spell, she instantly analyzed the situation and did something about it. She was an intellectual badass! (And to those of you that still make fun of her for seeming reluctant to jump into fights, etc... let me just ask, has she ever let them down when it counted? And aren't those situations where most of us that don't have a dragon snoozing inside of them would do the same thing?). A character with common sense, that won't get duped by every 'hot' guy that comes along? Sweet! And the surprises and awesomeness just keep coming!
"You don't die for your comrades, you live for them!". How many other anime say that? There is nothing wrong with dying to protect those that are important, but this show says not to give up easy, strive to make it back to those you are trying to defend! Coming from an anime background of Bleach and Naruto, where it is fashionable to sacrifice oneself every 5 or so episodes, that hit me hard. I loved that it could be a serious anime, but still value life so highly!
Going along with the above theme of quotes, GOD, Fairy Tail is so inspirational sometimes, its incredible. Some of the quotes, and the true meaning behind them, resonate so deeply. My personal favorite, something that has become a personal mantra for me, came at a time when it fit everything so perfectly it was, well, (pun intended) magic: "Fear is not weakness. It tells you what your weaknesses are; and once you know that you can become stronger as well as kinder.". Talk about soul resonance, this anime is BADASS! It's ok to be afraid, we won't try to beat the fear out of you to make you stronger, we'll struggle with you and support you until you figure it out. I mean, how awesome is that!
And lets not forget how amazingly goofy and hilarious Fairy Tail is! I've laughed so hard I couldn't breath at time. There is some spectacular humor in here, that has the power to make me smile and laugh, even when I'm not watching. That ability to give me a reason to smile and add levity in any situation is something that I will keep in my heart forever; it's priceless!
In Fairy Tail, you've got the epitome of NAKAMA who love you for who you are and accept every bit of you! Friends that have seen you and acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses, and support you through all of them. If that's not amazing, I don't know what is. Fairy Tail has so much: it teaches and inspires me (and I hope all who watch it). So, yes (as you can see by the essay I've written above), my pick is Fairy Tail, whole-heartedly) Oh, and don't forget the FREAKING EPIC music!
Arigato Gozaimasu, Mina-San, for those of you that had the patience to read this far, thank you and let's "Get Fired Up"!
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Yes Fairy Tail is very awesome 😊😊😊