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Woozi is a member of the group Seventeen. If you don't know who Seventeen is, I highly suggest you slip into that diamond life cuz it's the best (and worst, but that's with every kpop group).
In honor of Woozi's birthday being soon (like a day or two soon), I decided we should take a minute to appreciate the cotton candy marshmallow we call Woozi.

The Sweaters!

Woozi's sweaters are always the talk of the fandom. They're just always on point!
It helps that his body is small so the oversized sweaters look adorable on him!

The Face!

Woozi has these dimples that look so cute!
His smile is just errrrrrrrrg
(I have no words so sound effects shall be made)

The Talent!

Fun fact: If you don't already know, Woozi writes/composes all of Seventeen's songs.
The rap is written by the rappers in the group, but the singing and the rhythm is all done by him.
His voice is also of the gods! It's so eeeeerrrrgggg and when he hits high notes- er ma gerd!

The Personality!

Woozi is someone who's kinda quiet and is in the background and just reacts with that cute smile of his when he's in interviews and such. He does speak up occasionally and when he does, everyone listens. You can tell his fellow members really respect him.
He's also a very violent being...
It's quite hilarious.

The Passion!

He has so much passion for his work. He really cares about the music and the experience.
He also carries a lot of weight on his shoulders which breaks my soul, but I think it's kind of a good thing because I feel like it's his drive.

Happy Birthday Jihoon!!!

I hope you enjoy your 19th birthday!
What do you guys do on your birthday?
he so cute I wanna hug him!!!!
He's so cute!^^~♡ *DIES OF TOO MUCH CUTENESS*