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Date/Year Released: October 2, 2010 Date/Year Ended:April 2, 2011 Epsiode Count: 25


So let's start off with a short summary of Bakuman, Season 1(since it would be kinda dumb to start off reviewing if you guys don't know WHAT I am reviewing haha): "Is becoming a successful Manga artist an achievable dream or just one big gamble?" -Bakuman It starts off with your typical highchool student -or should I say highchool students, mainly focusing on Moritaka Mashiro and Akito Takagi. Moritaka Mashiro would probably be consider a average high school student; studying for exams, being lazy once in a while etc. except, he enjoys drawing for fun. Akito Takagi would probably be consider your average smart-ass of the class; the one getting high grades, proving people wrong; the one you'll expect to become a famous writer or even owner of a company....nope...he wants to use his skills to write Manga. When Takagi sees Moritaka's drawings by accident, he finds the owner of the art; and decides to offer him the post on of being a duel team as a Manga - creating duo. Surprisingly, Moritaka knows the struggle of being a manga artist, his uncle was one, and hesitates to take up the offer. But the moviation from his crush and Takagi's annoying requests finally push him to become one. Deciding is the easy part, but now the struggle is on; to create a manga.

Review 8/10

As a artist myself, I can say that this anime really relates to me. The struggle of not knowing if your doing the right thing by perusing a career in art; in a job that may not earn you a stable slarary unless your good and known. In a job that you may question your art's value, even your value in the industry. I think this shows artists, the hard work that goes into being a mangaka-or manga artist with a weekly manga, and maybe changes your mind about what you want to do in the art field, and helps recognize that hard work they struggle through, and give mangaka credit for their work(Masashi Kishimoto, Oda, Sui Ishida, Yana Tobosa). And I can say this had motivated me to become a better artist and learn not to be too critical on my work. I struggle with Depression and Generalized Anxiety Disorder and I watch this show everytime I feel depressed or anxious and it helps me. It shows you its ok to fail, and it's OK to be upset, and it's gonna get better with ambition. Plus it is satisfing to see the love between Mashiro and his loved one Azuki grow, and Takagi's struggle with love. The only reason it is 8/10 is because that the first few episodes may be boring, depending how you view it. But trust me, it gets better. Now if you want me to review an anime or manga comment below the name; I will only review the Manga series/animes that I have read/seen, but I may watch a anime you request depending on the episode count. Also this may not be my finalized review, I slowly change, edit and reinforce my reviews every now and then.