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There were so many romantic moments between Eri and Harima, and I loved all of them! I was seriously wanting them together haha. I always loved the night they were stuck in the temple and were having such a deep conversation while cuddled up to stay warm. The manga had even more lovey moments!
@MadAndrea Nice I'll check it out
@Straightshooter Lots of closure if you read the manga lol
I read a little bit of it. As a guy Im practically screaming in my head for those two to notice each other. I couldn't stand tenma. I dont know what he ever saw in her. Eri and tenma's sister were so much better. But at the end of the day I have a thing for blonde twin tails so I was glad to see him pick eri! :) hehe
@Straightshooter I was just happy someone was acknowledging how great a catch Harima was lol did you read the manga?
Before I even watched this anime, I just looked at tbe cover and shipped these two do hard. And then I find to my surprise that they really do ship was even more amazing!
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