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Here is my top favorite "Hello" (not necessarily about saying hi but introducing underrated kpop idols/groups) KPop Songs I hope you enjoy them :)
1. B.I.G.(Boys In Groove)- Hello (their debut song) If you haven't heard of them you should check them out. 2. M. Crown (not to get confused with M. Clown) - They are fairly new so hopefully they will get more support and love
3.Boys Republic- Hello 4.Nuest- Hello (do you see a pattern it's not all going to be called hello it just happened like that) 5. A-Jax - Hot Game (they are so underrated they need more love)
6.AlphaBAT- AB City (they need more love if you haven't heard of them check them out) Surprise Party Tantara
7. Kahi- It's Me Comeback you bad boy
And as a bonus ...
APink and BAP - mini I didn't even know this existed !!! I hope you enjoyed my playlist and hopefully you got new groups to listen to and fall in love with :) @kpopandkimchi @MattK95 @B1A4BTS5ever @ArmyofKookie @ARMYStarlight @KellyOConnor @Myaisnotsexy @Rhia @jessicalnichols @thePinkPrincess @MorganElisabeth @Emealia @glo86 @CreeTheOtaku @electicia
YESSS I love a bunch of these groups! <3
OMO I love all of these songs!!
ahh my lovely Nu'est boys aigoo ><