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Is any one even ready?! 😫 This comeback is going to murder me and make me drown in feels feels feels 🙈😿
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@Mightmuffin @CristalTrujillo @MadAndrea Rap Mon died when the lollipop (which was actually a cigarette he was smoking at a gas station) fell and caught on fire. Suga lit himself on fire in his room. J hope took pills. Kookie was run over, and Jimin drowned himself in a tub. and V dies in the prologue I was depressed for like 2 whole months after watching the prologue haha. beware lol
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if this theory is correct, and they're all dead except Jin, then I will likely die as well from the feels. I barely survived the I Need U MV. This will be interesting.
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I'm not ready
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@CristalTrujillo year I was so confused about it at first too because it's not as clear as the others that he dies. and because he writes the message on the mirror. so I thought he was still alive. someone had to clear it up for me lol. I was so sad haha
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My heartu is oh my gawd !!!
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