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Any tips for someone starting to learn japanese. I have no idea where to start all I know is that there is 4 writing systems.
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There's this app called Human Japanese... I started out with that and it helps kinda guide you through the basic beginning Japanese. What also helped me a lot was learning Hiragana and Katakana, it takes A LOT of repetition, learning the sounds and stroke orders and what not, but once you get a good handle on that, you can begin to read things and memorize words to increase your vocabulary. I'm no pro, I'm a beginner myself, but I got a pretty good handle of things, plus formal classes help a lot since you get the interaction and dialogue going with feedback. Bonus if you know or speak Spanish, when it comes to pronunciation, both languages are very similar
I suggest you to start taking classes, this way your teacher can tell you your weak points and what you're doing wrong. Your teacher can also teach you very useful things. If you can't go or find any classes near your area (or anywhere else), then take online courses. Make sure to practice going over your weak points. Don't waste too much time on learning how to write. Nowadays, writing isn't very important like it used to be. Just try to focus more on communicating. Let's say you take a trip to Japan. You need to be able to interact with others and understand what they're saying. It's best if you start learning how to write after you learn everything else, that way it doesn't take up too much of your time. I recommend textbooks, they can come in handy while you're in the process of studying. Textbooks can be invaluable resources. You can also try to find Japanese dictionaries, those can also come in handy. Anyway, wish you the best of luck!~