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{NN} If Only It Could Be Real

Surprise, Surprise! My significant other would be the cynical badass himself, Hiei!
Although he might come off as an arrogant butt head at times, he's had my heart from the get go. Whether it be that we have a lot in common, or because I find his threatening demeanor (presented in chibi form) cute and all around entertaining, he's the one for me!
While he is aloof in the beginning, he's definitely not afraid to tell it like he sees it. And honesty is important! Even if it means plotting to slaughter a boat load of people.. And I wouldn't doubt his ability to do so either.
Hiei's speed is incredible, to the point where some think he can teleport. Not only is he super fast, but he's an amazing swordsman, and that's a skill I admire. Not to mention he can summon a dragon! During his battle with Bui, Hiei does the impossible and consumes the Dragon of the Darkness Flame, ultimately mastering the technique. Now who doesn't want their own sexy dragon tamer?!
Aside from being an adept fighter, he's also the king of one liners. Watching his squabbles with Kuwabara is pretty amusing! As stoic and stand offish as he might try to seem, he still has feelings underneath that mask. Particularly when it comes to his twin sister, Yukina. But there are a few other times when we get to see his tough exterior slip. Like when he passes out on the spot (like I so often do) or when he's watching Yusuke beat up the already beaten up Kuwabara... Or when he falls out of trees lol
So in short, Hiei's skilled, strong, cute, funny, elusive, and bit of a smart ass. He can quickly adapt to any situation, and rise to any challenge put before him. He eventually opens up and learns what it means to care and have friends. He becomes stronger, not only physically, but mentally as well. He has dragons, flames, personality, and just about everything I want. I also think it would be kind of fun to see who could come up with the better insult lol
Sadly, he will never be mine. But thanks to the power of fanfiction, he can at least be Kuramas! Say no to Mukuro xD
Thank you to the artists who created these awesome pics!
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He's like Levi's grandfather or something :)
What he said *points to above comment*
Yu yu hakusho
what anime is this?
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