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I love YG artists don't get me wrong but some people are going to far saying "They saved kpop" "Without them the MAMA is going to be a flop"... I understand and all but what about the other good kpop bands huh?? Big bang or 2NE1 etc isn't the only ones thats been slaying the game... They are not the only ones that "saved kpop" lol cmon now... And The MAMA... Tbh I hope they don't turn it into a "YG concert " that would be cool but let's be fair, you get what I'm saying? Because if that's the case everybody who perform will have to perform more than 3 songs lol Don't get me wrong, AGAIN I love YG, I'm just being real. There's a lot a kpop bands slaying... I think everybody who attends and perform they will be awesome xDD let's not start fanwars or bash other bands just because they are not huge .. And another thing I want to add.. I feel bad for the smaller companies who get looked down on just because they are not that huge like some.. People are not giving them a chance to see what they are like.. They have pure talent!!100% Like BTS, B.A.P B1A4, etc.. You get what I mean right? But even if some of these groups come from small companies, you better believe they are slayyying boo boo!! you don't know what you missing, are you stupid? Lol. But yeah I'm not dissing or bashing anyone. I hope I didn't offend anyone. Everyone I want to see what you think.. please feel free to comment because I want to see if I'm the only one that think this way..?? i mean idk i may be wrong.. who knows //
I don't understand why people say that BigBang and 2ne1 saved kpop. Kpop was popular before them, during them and will be after. BigBang and 2ne1 definitely helped launch kpop into a global phenomenon along with bands like Super Junior and Girls Generation. The whole thing with the MAMA's flopping with out BigBang and 2ne1 is silly. As for their performances. BigBang has ALWAYS had an extreme MAMA performance. You can find them all the way back to 2010. You also can find other bands performances as well. Needles to say, and I will sound like a broken record because I've said this before. The MAMA'S are there to cater to the masses. BigBang has been a giant for years. They give them the most time because that's what the people want. Some day that will change. There is no reason to be upset over it. Last year bts and block b had an awesome performance TOGETHER. It was sick and I love it. People don't remember because BigBang always leaves an impression. end rant.
YG goes all out for awards show's pretty much guaranteed they're gonna shut it down. BIGBANG and 2NE1 are on another level. It can't be denied. And they're hugely popular....on a GLOBAL scale. So performances by YG artist are guaranteed to bring in more viewers and higher ratings which equals more money for MNET. And honestly, I get what you're saying but it's a money game....BIGBANG slayed the charts this year. Their only rival on the charts was themselves LITERALLY. The numbers dont lie. And honestly it upsets me when people cut down YG for being popular lol.....I mean we have a few sour V.I.P's but on the whole we're a nice fandom.... We, V.I.Ps, are hardworking. Ive voted errday, have yall? Our boys are hardworking too. People forget they debuted in 2006....they've put in almost a decade of hard work to get where they are. And with T.O.P going into the army....WAIT....Im getting sentimental LMAO....@aabxo put me to bed lol. But like @kat121 said....MAMA GIVES THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT.
Yeaa I totally agree. I feel my heart hurt when I see comments like I love YG and the fans aren't even bad but I want other groups to have recognition too!
Agreed. Love YG artists but MAMA would've been fine without them this year, not that I'm complaining they'll be there! But I do think screen time should be fair. Let's be honest BigBang wasn't the only group that really killed it this year. Smaller companies that have great groups need to be recognized just as equally too. And that whole MAMA caters to what people want, I know but still. It gets boring when you only see the same few groups every show. I'd rather there be a bigger variety of groups performing new stuff. LOVE YG but I hope MAMA performances are fair and feature lots of other groups more prominently too.
Agreed. SM & JYP also plays a huge role, and also all the other small entertainments as well!
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