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Natsu🔥 (E.N.D) vs Gray❄
the awaited end battle between these two
who will live, who will l die and who will be left behind
we still have a long way until this battle and Natsu still hasn't discovered that he's E.N.D yet. Hell will break lose when Gray discovers the truth
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I think I skipped one
2 years ago·Reply
@RoxyAguirre at the end if the Tartoras chapter Zeref will explain
2 years ago·Reply
*cough* no one ever dies in fairytale......unless they're telling a story
2 years ago·Reply
@HappysaysAye sadly, I agree
2 years ago·Reply
in the bOok its in epi.416 but then...the rest is histOry..
2 years ago·Reply