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Jackson Wang

It's a lovely Friday evening and you're sitting on your sofa watching your new favorite K-Drama. Your phone dings with a new text from your boyfriend, Jackson. You unlock your phone with the biggest smile on your face. *Hey, (y/n)* You reply right away knowing that he doesn't get much time to talk to you. •Hey, Jackson! How's the tour going?• Not much time passes when he replies. *It's going good the guys and I are having loads of fun.* *I need to tell you something* He sends a second text right after the first. When you read the second text immediately you start to think that the tour has been extended and you won't be able to see your love anytime soon. •What's up?• You reply not wanting to know the news. *Look* You look up but see nothing. You pause your show get off the couch and walk to the nearest window. You still see nothing. You walk to the main door unlocking it and look outside, still nothing. •What am I supposed to be- Before you can finish your text you receive a whole paragraph. *(y/n) you know that I've truly loved you this whole time; well not quite this whole time. Going on tour has given me the opportunity to look back at what I have at home, with you, and honestly (y/n) you're holding me back. I feel like I can do more with my life and put more into the group if I wasn't tied down. I'm not going to lie to you with some bullshit saying "It's not you, it's me." You don't deserve that shit. You deserve the truth and in my eyes this is the truth. Now I'm not expecting you to move out immediately but I would like if you were out by the time I got back from tour.* You didn't want to but you just couldn't help but cry. Your chest felt as if you were just slammed into a concrete wall by an eighteen wheeler, with cement being stuffed down your throat, and with a ton of bricks being piled onto you. You were angry that after TWO YEARS he dumped you over a stupid text message. He didn't even have the guts to call you or to FaceTime you. After TWO YEARS of dealing with the sasaengs threats all you get is a text message! You've stayed by his side even at the toughest time when you wondered if a relationship with Jackson was worth the pain from the sasaengs. "It's just you and I now." You croak out as your rub your small belly bump. You didn't even get the chance to tell him. You wanted to surprise him when he came home, but now he'll never come home to you. "I'm never going to let him hurt us ever again. We'll be just fine, I promise."
Let me know what you think 😁 I don't care if you hate it or love it just let me know what needs to be fixed or what you liked about it 😁 love you all ❤️❤️
It almost brought me to tears. Is there going to be another part? It's so beautiful
That's was so good. You should make a second part to it.
awe this is a major feels. I want to bw tagged
I soooo didn't see that coming! I was literally laughing so hard when I read the part about the girl holding Jackson back. Idk why but I was nearly on the floor cracking up. It's good, but I find second person to be sort of annoying. That and I feel like you should make the story more about taking action instead of just saying it. Like you keep saying ".. You feel this, you feel that" while showing the emotion might be more interesting. GOODLUCK