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I pick Fairy Tail because I haven't finished it yet, there is a huuuuge amount of episodes, and obviously I love the show haha!
@MadAndrea I know I hate flashbacks when we had already seen it like 14 million times. and the long battle but there is a way for it to stop it works for me but I don't know about for everyone what I use to tell myself was...... the longer the flashback or the long fight is, better the fight will get and it was always true for me
@Lilli3 See the thing about naruto is, I love naruto but I was just at a point in shippuden where I could only stand to watch 1 episode like every 3 days because they were 98% flashbacks and the other 2% was inner thoughts while walking. I can't stand flashbacks in that amount of excess. I don't think I could deal with that for eternity lol
fairytale is my 3rd srry
@Lilli3 Oh I know they are basically conserving funds to throw into one big fight but to watch like 30 episodes is just sooo painful
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