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one thing we all have in common: we're here because we love kpop! We're a community, and I would love to be connected with you guys! Comment below 1) your name 2) what made you start liking kpop/ and who you heard of first 3) your bias/and favorite group and why my name is kat, I first started when my sister introduced kdrama to me. my first kdrama was BOF and Playful kiss, after that, she introduced HELLO BABY SHINee, from then on, I became a shawol 馃槡 I've been a SHINee fan since 2010 and never regretted becoming a fan. I actually originally either heard Taeyang's wedding dress, or one of Wonder Girls' song. I wasn't much of a fan, and I had no idea what kpop was until my sister introduced me hehe. My bias group has always been SHINee. EXO and Big Bang were close to becoming my bias at one point, but I always drifted away from them and went back to SHINee. My ultimate bias is Jonghyun, because of his amazing personality. I really really like him! :) (Although Key is very close to being tied with JH 馃槄) your turn!
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The name's Sam^-^ I started listening quite on accident I was into anime and I saw 2pm sang an ending song (to blue exorcist) after that I found snsd and SHINee songs in Japanese...then it happened! my first group officially was SHINee (proud shawol)... UB is jimin! favorite groups would be BTS and Vixx...also monsta x....well I just love how funny they all are super dorky to the point of being idiots... who I love heh
My name is Kennedy馃槅 I started liking kpop because my friend and I got in a fight about One Direction and EXO, even though I told her I felt like what Directioners did was hella wrong but ANYWHO馃檮she introduced me to BTS. She told me instantly that Jimin was her bias and I needed to back off him. Then I saw V and then I was like 'HOW CAN SOMEONE BE SO FREAKING ADORABLE WHAT THE HELL' but that was when he was using aeygo. She showed one where V wasn't and I was like he is my fav (she also showed me vids of him acting like an idiot so it's not just looks)馃挄 then EXO came and Seventeen, B.A.P, Got7, Big Bang(they scared me at first) and now I'm obsessed with Kdramas and overwhelmed by really hot guys!馃槱鉂わ笍
My name is Mya! BtoB got me into KPop, it's an interesting story... And some of my biases are Ilhoon (BtoB), Jackson (Got7), Top (BigBang), Daeryong (Tasty) and Jimin (Bts). I also really LOVE History, but I don't have a bias in that group.
my name is shelbie, I came across kpop by accident trying to look up an anime intro and instantly fell in love with TVXQ (hardcore cassie here), favorite group wise there is just to many that I love I cannot decide what to put haha but I'm a huge bias of vixx, bts, seventeen, suju, b2st, f(x), sistar, rain, tara, kara, Brown eyed girls, spica, teen top, yeah the list could go on haha
my name is Jessica and I was just streaming through YouTube and found that buzzfeed video of Americans try kpop or something lol and I liked the little clips so I looked up the videos but none of them caught my eye (I was upset Shinee was my first video but I didn't get hooked right away >_< ) I looked up more videos until Boyfriend's Boyfriend mv got me hooked into kpop from then on 馃挒馃挄 my bias right away was Kwangmin 馃槏