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Look how much our boys have grown! They also developed a wonderful off screen relationship. Sometimes spending so much time with a person can actually form a real good friendship to the point Jensen and Jared became roommates at one time and they were in each others' weddings! Also both of their families get together and spend the holidays together also!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ✨ Random fact: Jared married Ruby from the Supernatural! To be more specific the second Ruby lol ✨
What a beautiful friendship that translates on and off screen! L A Von Winchester Enjoy my fellow Winchester family! And remember Vingle did listen to us and gave us a community to geek out together! Let's make it awesome!
Haha. Yes!
They look way stronger now too haha the first season Sam kind of looked like a strong wind would take him down XD
I know right! Makes us love them even more!
Absolutely, it's pretty cool how they developed a brother like friendship outside of the show
They are so goofy, I love them