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Hey guys sup this is kalyan i wanted to know which one of the characters shown on the picture do you like is it eren or kaneki and if you didnt watch anyone of those anime ot is a must watch they both are really cool so let me know in the comments section below who you like until next time guys see ya!
Why is no one else worried about this? How did no one else catch that? Like it's literally the first fucking sentence.....
I would have to say Kaneki just cause he was made into a strong character. Eren already was and then that shit amplified
Eren.....how how did you get Aaron? Who the hell is Aaron?
KANEKI!! I still love Eren as well but Kaneki 😍❤
@AnjuGodinez I am not lying but that was the same thing I told my friend but she told to watch it so i did, it was pretty cool. of course it was painful and bloody but it shows how a normal person suffers and it wasn't his fault for turning into a ghoul
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