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How BTS Members Would Ask You Out

Lol these were too good!!! XD Scroll to find out how your bias would ask you out. *Found These On Tumblr*


"Hey I think we should go out. You wanna know why? Well you're cute, I'm handsome, we'd be perfect."


*pokes you* "Hey..." *whispers into your ear* "Will you go out with me?"


*holds your hands with a glimmer in his eye* "It would make me the happiest person in the world if you would be with me. You'll be my world and I'd be your hope."


*dances around to impress you* "Wanna dance with me as my girlfriend?"


*calls you over to sit next to him* "Do you wanna go out? Well I mean not right now cus I'm tired but yeah later?"

Rap Monster

*whips out rose* "Will you-" *sees that rose snapped in half* "Crap... Umm will you still go out with me? *blushes badly*


*hands you a grummy burger and fries* "Can this be our first date meal?"

Who would you accept??

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