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How is it possible to love someone this much…to not even know them fully…not even having them know you…how can their smile and laugh affect your whole mood. Making my day worth living for. Just wanting to see that bright beautiful smile and hear that laugh that makes you feel your heart beat. The way his eyes squint together when he smiles…those slight dimples that form around his mouth. His soft voice that you want to hear everyday of every minute. The way he takes care of everyone else makes you think he is just an angel. Then there is the fact that he thinks he isn’t. That he is just a bother to everyone. But yet he doesn’t know how his smile affects people around him. The simplicity of his smile is contagious to all the people around him. When he is in pain everyone else can’t help but feel his pain to and all they want to do is to see him smile. Just to hear his laugh. Just wishing that he never had a bad day ever again so they can see that smile of his. Knowing the way he cries, as if his tears are the feelings he has held back for so long. Those tears burn his eyes and his heart, and you can’t help but know that he never cries over just one thing. Its multiple things all at once. But you let him cry because you know he will feel better afterwards, he will be stronger. Then he will talk to you as if he didn’t cry, as if he had no worries, as if he was born happy. There is also the times he gets mad, thats another way he shows his feelings of everything coming back all at once, the memories flow out of his head. He begins to turn red and you can feel the heat coming off of him just by looking at him. You know not to make him more angry, so you try your best to keep your distance, but at the same time, you let him know you are there for him when he calms down. Just by knowing that you are there, that you will not leave his side because of how emotional he gets, even though it scared you at times. Him knowing that you will not run away from him and leave him alone, is why he will love you. Just the simple act of staying and understanding his reasons for being the way he is. If you do this simple act for him he will give you his whole heart, He will become as if he is your own personal guardian angel. The sad part though is that if you ever do give up on him and you can no longer handle him, he will always love you, and will always be there for you. Because he is not the type of person to give up on people easily even though they hurt him badly in the past. But if you wish for him to leave you alone, he will grant your wish because all he want is for you to be happy even if he isn’t in your life. Knowing you are happy will make him happy.