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My first choice was to pick someone like Happy or someone from Naruto, since you could basically just piggy back across the Atlantic with them. But then I thought "Nah, nothing's ever that easy."
So I decided to pick Susanoo! He's skilled in just about everything there is; fighting, cooking, cleaning. You name it, he does it.
He kills danger beasts on the regular, so I wouldn't be worried about any attacks. He would kill and cook any animal that tries to pounce on us. Also, he's 7'3", so even if there are no animals around, he's tall enough to pick that apple out of the tree!
I really wouldn't have much to worry about with Susanoo around. I could get away with being a lifeless lump in a hammock if I wanted (but I'm not that mean). Plus he'd always make sure my hair looks good! He is a perfectionist after all.
Did I mention he can build a house in under 5 minutes?
After we've killed a few danger beasts, eaten, and tidied ourselves up a bit, we'd start gathering wood. If he can build a house, I'm sure he can build a boat. Once the boat's built and we've stocked up on supplies, Susanoo and I could hop aboard our new ship and sail away! :)
Or we could build a little house, relax, and take a vacation for a while lol
I guess I did end up picking an easy route. Oh well, it's not often you run into such a well organized/talented guy with horns!
@SarahMcCartney Akame Ga Kill
what anime is it from