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I love taking pictures of people when they don't know you are there. Otherwise, it makes them conscious and self-aware it and it may ruin the whole thing. But sometimes, there are people who are just so cool, it doesn't really matter. This is only my second day venturing out as a street photographer so there's still many things to learn. Some photos were a bit overexposed much to my dismay. But all the people I have asked to take photos of were super awesome and kind and I wish them all the best for their promising future in the fashion world. I also made friends with some photographers and magazine people who were such a delight to talk to. Whoever says fashion people are snobbish and arrogant needs to have his internet taken away!
That girl looks more like a fox than a wolf
You too, I'm out of town and haven't had much of a chance to see all your new stuff. Looking forward to it.
Thanks @YinofYang, I'll try and keep it up :D Have a great day!
I'm loving all the pictures and commentary of the event! It's enjoyable to read and see. :)