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Haters are the type of shit which motivates me n make me feel good about myself coz their hatred shows that i'm far better than them(well not everyone)! I myself, I hate so many ppl who are of 2 kinds: 1. JUDGEMENTAL ASSHOLES, 2. PPL WHO HURT MY BFF! Once i hate u then there's no chance of me liking u ever. N don't count on me to talk to you nicely just to hide my hatred, infact i'm gonna try my best to let u know in which corner of my heart u lie in n how dark it is there!
Dude, I feel the same way. I'm always surrounded by haters, and I just need to remind myself it's because they find me threatening.
Haha Haters Tears. I'm going to put that on my water bottle now!
lmao hater tears 馃槀
Lol 馃榿馃榿
if I don't like someone I hate it because 1:I hate drama and dealing with stupid stuff and 2: I don't want to hurt their feelings lol I'm like the only person like that
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