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Haters are the type of shit which motivates me n make me feel good about myself coz their hatred shows that i'm far better than them(well not everyone)! I myself, I hate so many ppl who are of 2 kinds: 1. JUDGEMENTAL ASSHOLES, 2. PPL WHO HURT MY BFF! Once i hate u then there's no chance of me liking u ever. N don't count on me to talk to you nicely just to hide my hatred, infact i'm gonna try my best to let u know in which corner of my heart u lie in n how dark it is there!
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if I don't like someone I hate it because 1:I hate drama and dealing with stupid stuff and 2: I don't want to hurt their feelings lol I'm like the only person like that
Dude, I feel the same way. I'm always surrounded by haters, and I just need to remind myself it's because they find me threatening.