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Being Bi Racial
Hello! If you don't have this problem, or you're a friend of someone who has this problem. Please, pay attention, or know, because ignorance is bliss. First let me explain a little bit about myself. I am white AND Mexican. Though I was adopted by an African American family. It got to the point to where I didn't even know I was Mexican until I was like in fifth grade. So when people use to asks me." What are you." Which by the way is the most unnecessary fucking question you ever need to ask when meeting a new person! Like what the hell does my ethnicity have to do with us being friends????? But I would say." I'm white and Mexican." And they'd just stare at me.....with the biggest fucking look of disbelief. Like oh no...... you thought if you'd stare long enough a sombrero would magically appear on my head that would let you know I'm telling the truth? Sorry to burst you're bubble. And they'd say." Can you speak Spanish?" "No." Listen. In what you just pop out of someone's womb speaking Spanish? If I grow up learning that cat is cat then a cat is a mother fucking cat. It is not automatically translated as gato because my body's like nuh're English for I know plenty of Mexicans who DO NOT KNOW SPANISH..... Why????? Because they didn't grow up learning Spanish. Oh my gosh! Like is that even possible. I know you people, and I don't mean people as in white people. I mean people as in all you little ignorant fucks....who like to look at me and go No black hair? No Carmel skin? No Spanish accent? Out! No fuck you! Your race is not your personality, it is not your social uniform. It is your fucking genes that tell you if you're a REAL Mexican or not. It is the fact that you are either: A. Born from ATLEAST one parent that is Mexican B. You are born in mexico. If you have those characteristics then guess what're Mexican. I spent fucking 10 years of my life learning Spanish just so I can prove myself to the fucking world that I am Mexican! Like it was my fucking responsibility or something! Pssssh, and they say white people are racist. I was with a friend once (who was Mexican) and she brought me over to a guy friend (who was also Mexican) and introduced me to him and said." She's Mexican too." I kid you not....he looked me up and down twice. Like he was fucking double checking, and then looked me in the eyes and said." She's not Mexican." And walked away. This kind of bullshit has got to stop! I'm denied by BOTH the races I was born in because I'm niether "white enough" or "Mexican enough." The only thing I learned over these past couple years is to be whatever I want! Learn whatever fucking language I want! And be happy with Who I am, because there is no one that can understand you more than you!
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I stopped explaining myself years ago, when I get that question, I simply tell them I am human. It's extremely dumb and people need to think before they talk. Yes we are all individuals but guess the fuck what? We are human before anything else.
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if you don't want to ignore their question...just smile and say"I'm mixed & special..isnt it". ☺
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that's right atmi we like you and we just meet you,
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People are so consumed with identifying with a race these days. But being Mexican isn't a race, its a nationality. So technically, you can have Mexican Heritage, but it isn't a race. I always face palm when people try to tell me "I'm Japanese and Korean" Those are countries. If you were to get a geneolgy test it would say Asian because our genes do not recognize the countries that we as humans have created. That being said. Its so rude of people to assume these things of you. I am black and people always ask me if I am African because apparently I don't look American. Like there can't be beautiful black people born from America.
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when people would try to make me feel like i was less because i didnt speak Spanish i would use my name to mess with their heads and believe me they'd look like total dumbasses 😆😆
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