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First of all, I cannot believe I am writing a baseball card. I am not a big fan but I do enjoy watching it from time to time. For the past several weekend, the K-drama I was catching was delayed due to WBSC Premier 12 (World Baseball Softball Confederation). I was pretty angry because the broadcasting station did not inform viewers the drama would be canceled due to baseball (for two consecutive weeks). Tonight is suppose to be the Global Championship Final and while waiting for it to my drama to stream I was watching the baseball game.

It was a bad idea.

KOR (8) - USA (0)

USA Baseball team sucked so bad. It was so hard to watch.

So, here's the line-up of the winners.

Global Champion: Korea
1st Runner Up - USA
2nd Runner Up - Japan
Congrats to South Korea and USA Team needs to train harder!
@cindystran Yes! They have something called the KBO (Korea Baseball Organization), which is the professional baseball league in Korea!
@mchlyang I'm not too familiar with Korea's baseball team. Do they have something like MLB? be fair Korea sent its best lineup while the US team was made up of minor leaguers...