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Kiki's Delivery Service was my first Studio Ghibli film and just fell in love. It is another movie that Hayao Miyazaki directed, wrote, and produced.
Kiki is a young witch, and in the tradition of her family, when a witch turns 13 they are allowed to leave and be independent. So she and Jiji (her funny, talking, black cat) leave and try to make it out in the city.
She meets Onsono and her husband at a bakery and decides to deliver any baked goods as for compensation for rent.
She helps to make and delivers this herring pot pie, which actually looks really good and is an actual dish! I must try it someday. Have you had it? Comment below! c:
And Kiki meets this boy named Tombo and at first Kiki doesn't understand him and is standoffish. But as the movie progresses, she confides in him, as a friend, and eventually saves him from dying. Do you ship them? (:
If you haven't seen this movie, highly recomend. For those who have seen it, I know I left a lot of the plot out but I don't to be a spoiler! XD
if you love kikis delivery you will love the rest. Check out Howls Moving Castle and Spirited Away
Princess Mononoke <3
There are other great ones, like Nausicaa, The Cat Retutns and Princess Mononoke.
I have always love Spirited Away.
I wanna watch it sooo bad! I kinda laughed at the whole "Do you ship them?" XD Studio Ghibli makes some heartwarming movies!
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