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Authors Note: Sorry this took awhile guys my school is working on a current play (Were doing the Curious Savage) So my schedule has been a little tight but this will be consistant from now on because the end of show is on Sunday . . . This is Chapter 2 or this short Fanfic...if you stayed past Chapter 1 I would like to thank you :D So I'm going to stop stalling and I give you Chapter 2♡
*Morning* Ji: good morning jagiya♡ Y/N: Good morning Ji: I hope you're hungry because I'm going to be your personal chef :P
Y/N:*giggles* it okay Ji: *pouting* no that's not fair I'll never get to repay you if you're going to be like that Y/N: ....repay me? Ji: .....I have to repay you of course for being my girlfriend :P
Y/N: *smiles* Ji:'re not going to deny it?! Y/N: Deny what? Ji: You are, you are my girlfriend !! Y/N: ah, you're really too much XD Ji: *laughs* but really let me cook for you
Y/N: okay well what's for breakfast? Ji: whatever you want to eat :D Y/N: ...well what can you cook? Ji:.... nothing *you both chuckle*
Y/N: *you take to pan from out of his hands*  Ji: ah jagiya I'm supposed to be cooking for you Y/N: we can do it together, okay Ji: *smiles to himself* Y/N: how about we make pancakes? Ji: okay *you both begin to gather the materials for making the pancakes and prepare the batter* Y/N: now all we have to do is mix it Ji: *pulls out the electric mixer* I got this
Y/N: *you decide to prepare the pan* but you don't remember watch cabinet he keeps his pans in* hey ji Ji: *quickly turns around and makes a mess with the batter* Y/N: ah *you wipes it off your face* Ji: I'm so sorry jagiya
Y/N: *you go to hug him* it's okay but I think it would look would look cuter on you *playful places batter on his nose* Ji: JAGIYA! ! *a mini pancake batter battle breaks out before you here a knock at the door*
*moments pass before you hear the door open* Standing in the door Frame frozen it's TOP
Lawl the last gif shows him just eating "sup" 😂
I was screaming my feelz
glad I found this