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I ordered this gorgeous Morphe 35O palette last night and I cannot wait sfor it to arrive in the mail. Crazy thing is, only one color caught my eye, but I'm sure I will get use out of the entire palette. People have been going crazy over this palette and it stays sold out, so I'm extremely glad that I got my hands on it when I did.

What do you guys think about this palette?

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I was so surprised I caught it! You def need it in your life though ☺️ @BluBear07
2 years ago·Reply
I will like to see some of your creations with this palette, so please show what you can do with all these gorgeous tones
2 years ago·Reply
Love this pallete!! Everything about these tones scream fall, I tried purchasing it but it was out of stock
2 years ago·Reply
As soon as it comes in the mail I will def do so & tag you @sieveta
2 years ago·Reply
Keep checking it randomly goes in and out of stock, but it definitely screams fall!! @PurpleChick
2 years ago·Reply