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So, I'm back in my Korean food phase and so far I've made bibimbap and a sort of lettuce wrap. Now I'm up for making more food.. like Kyuhyun's pizza (/.\)
Has anyone tried this? It looks great! If you've tried it, any tips? What kind of toppings did you put? ^^
Have you tried any other foods? What would you suggest that's easy and fun to make? :)
Hehehe....happy eating! :)
@Ercurrent honestly I went to the kitchen and cooked up some of those items after making that comment 馃槀
@GamerKyumin You can buy a marinade at the Korean market that is rather good. Just put your sliced beef in the marinade a let it set in the frig overnight. Then grill. Oh, so good.
Most ingredients can be purchased at a Korean market. The problem is that the closest one to me is 70 miles away. So, when I go I really have to make it worth the trip.
*kimbap not kidnap...stupid auto correct.
My suggestion to anyone who wants to try Korean food is to check out Maangchi on you tube. I've made kimchi pancakes and seafood pancakes, both with the dipping sauce (must have). I have also made black bean noodles (jjajangmyeon), seafood soup (jampong), kicked up ramyeon, kidnap, and bibimbap. But my favorite is beef bulgogi wrapped in lettuce with kimchi, pickled radish, and pickled ginger.
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