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So, I'm back in my Korean food phase and so far I've made bibimbap and a sort of lettuce wrap. Now I'm up for making more food.. like Kyuhyun's pizza (/.\)
Has anyone tried this? It looks great! If you've tried it, any tips? What kind of toppings did you put? ^^
Have you tried any other foods? What would you suggest that's easy and fun to make? :)
Hehehe....happy eating! :)
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*kimbap not kidnap...stupid auto correct.
Most ingredients can be purchased at a Korean market. The problem is that the closest one to me is 70 miles away. So, when I go I really have to make it worth the trip.
@JackieMurrayCab Oh yeah, I found her ^^ I've eaten bulgogi, but I haven't tried cooking it yet...I think that should be next :)
@GamerKyumin You can buy a marinade at the Korean market that is rather good. Just put your sliced beef in the marinade a let it set in the frig overnight. Then grill. Oh, so good.
@JackieMurrayCab Oh my gosh, that sounds amazing...I'll do it over break (>.<)