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Google is our "Big Brother."

(aka the biggest stalker) If you read George Owell's 1984 novel, you know what I am referencing. Privacy in the world of internet is non-existent. Google has been known for saving personal data without explicitly informing their users. However, to comply with the data protection law, they are starting to inform users what they are collecting.
Looks familiar? This is the a pop-up you get when you search with Google. I guess they are being more transparent with what they collect, but chill dude. I don't need to be reminded EVERYDAY that you are stealing my data.
Dear G, Please leave me alone and let me have my beautiful browser experience back. Ads are annoying. -- Thank you.
This is mainly the reason why I stopped using G Search and moved on to Duck Duck Go. For those of you that are still using Google, this is how you can limit what they save (but honestly, who knows what they do behind the browser).

1. When you see the pop-up, click REVIEW.

- If you don't mind seeing Ads related to your search click the blue button (as shown above). - If you disagree click OTHER OPTIONS.

2. You will get to this page. Click Edit Settings to "control your privacy".

3. Turn off the options you would like to limit.

Side Note: Notice how they will still show you ads even if you turn some of their options off? They have to make revenue, but at least you will not be tempted to click that link (because it's non-relevant to your interest).

4. If you see this pop-up, that means you're done (at least according to Google)!

I hope this was helpful.
And screw Google!!!!!
This is really helpful!
thanks. it was