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Happy Birthday Eun Kwang!
Seo Eun Kwang is celebrating his 25th birthday today. He's the 4D leader of BTOB...and he is definitely 4D.
He can be 'normal'
And he can be cute......and also dorky...but I'm not putting in dorky photos today.
Eun Kwang also had a very beautiful voice.
Happy Birthday Eun Kwang! ‪#‎HappySilverLightDay ‪#‎HappyEunkwangDay‬
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@MyaIsNotSexy He is what my daughter and I call Adorkable. Eunkwang 's laugh gets me laughing. My daughter's BTOB bias's are MinHyuk and Changsub.
@MyalsNotSexy That's why I don't talk much about the.younger groups....they are just too young. I look at them as little boys still...lol. Even Ang doesn't look at the younger groups much.